Write Ways - Modelling Writing Forms 3rd Edn

Written as a resource for the teaching of and about writing texts for specific purposes.

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Write Ways has long been recognised as a practical, user-friendly text for both practising teachers and teachers in training. It is a comprehensive resource which gives teachers the information they need to teach children how to write in different styles, covering a broad range of text types – from reports to poetry to fiction. Now expanded to include a theoretical foundation, and with more material on program planning, assessment and record keeping, this book will be invaluable to pre-service education students throughout their degrees and into their teaching careers.
Online Resources available for Write Ways 3rd Edition:
* Assessment Checklists - these blank checklists are available as PDFs that you can download to use in the classroom or as practice for your lesson planning
* Useful Weblinks for further research
* A Glossary of useful words
* Link to the Successful Teacher website with helpful activities and resources for student teachers
* Preface from the book

Readership : Pre-service Education students.

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