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Colourful Learning Times Tables

Using Colourful Learning TIMES TABLES you can teach your child the times tables in almost half the time…while having fun too. Over six games in one box! Contents: • 288 Flash Cards • 12 Times Table Boards • 1 Progress Chart • 1 Times Tables Poster • Dice (x2) Incorporated games: • Turn and Say • Bingo • Snap • Flash • Beat the Clock • Roll ‘em out • Knock Out Suitable for ages 6 and up

Colourful Learning Sight Words

SIGHT WORDS level one includes the first 100 fundamental words a child needs to know by recognition, in order to read efficiently. These words have been determined scientifically to be the most recent high frequency words in the English language.

Wordasauras Junior

Wordasauras is perfect for kids to remember words and improve grammar. Junior Wordasauras is a fun game that provides children the foundation to form sentences and an introduction to grammar. It enables players to experience firsthand how words interact and influence the context and meaning of sentences.

Wordasauras - Fun With Words

Wordasauras is a fun game of building sentences one word at a time. Players experience how words interact and influence the context and meaning of sentences. It also highlights the importance of punctuation and capital letters. Game includes commas, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks.
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