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Help Your Kids With Maths - An Australian Step-By-Step Visual Guide

A simple, visual approach to helping your child understand maths. Reduce the stress of studying maths and help your child with their homework, following this unique visual guide which will demystify the subject for everyone.

Teaching Primary Mathematics

The fourth edition has been significantly revised and updated for the current educational environment and has been written with a greater emphasis on how students learn mathematics. It provides teachers and students with a sound framework for the successful teaching of mathematics to primary students. It is suitable both as a core text for primary student teachers and as an indispensable reference for practising primary teachers seeking to update their knowledge.

Maths Homework Thats Too Good for the Dog

Would you like your maths homework organised for the whole year? Each book contains 40 maths homework sheets—one for each week of the school year! Integrated easily into any primary maths program, Maths homework that’s too good for the dog! will complement ongoing learning in the classroom and allow students to reinforce essential mathematic concepts at home. Each sheet begins with an innovative motivational starter activity to engage students with their homework. This is followed by age-appropriate maths activities from the five main strands of mathematics.

New Wave Mental


Maths Facts, Tricks and Trivia

What is a googolplex? How can you multiply numbers by 25 in your head? Why was the Apollo 13 NASA mission (launched on April 13, at 1313 hours) so unlucky? This entertaining reference book, written by well-known author and mathematician, Paul Swan, exposes students to a wide variety of fun maths facts, incredible trivia, ‘mathemagic’ tricks and much more.

Mathematics Essentials


Cooking with Maths

Cooking with maths contains recipes for a cooking activity for each letter of the alphabet. The recipes are simple, use readily available ingredients, require very little preparation and few require actual cooking.

Times Tables Primary School


Mental Maths


Class Cooking

Step by step recepies from around the world.



Oxford Maths Plus


Teacher Timesavers


Games on the Go


Maths Mate Homework Program


Problem Solving


General Maths


Place Value

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