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Money Wise Activity Set

Teach everything from coin identification to making change with Australian currency.

Plastic Play Coins Pack of 106

A great way for children to practise counting money, giving change and recognising coin denominations.

Play Money Wallet Set

Realistic Australian Play Money. Counting and understanding money concepts are skills that last a lifetime. These play money notes are approximately the size and colour of real currency and includes 5 credit cards. Comes in a storage wallet.

Take Note

Large in format (more than 3 times larger than real money), this information pack on Australian currency will provide a valuable and informative resource for every classroom.

Pocket Money Game

Pocket Money is a fun game that teaches children important concepts about money. It provides them with opportunities to use coins & notes to purchase items and make change. It introduces the concept that money is earned and exchanged for goods. Be the first to win $50.00!

Beat the Kangaroo Money Bingo

This game (Australian Money) is played in a similar manner to traditional bingo. Children will have to complete their money bingo card before the Kangaroo’s board is completed. Children will both learn and become confident when interacting with money. Contains four durable, wipe clean mats (25 x 33.5cm) and 80 sturdy playing cards in a sturdy storage box. Ages 5+ years

Jumbo Coin Dice

This two coin dice set is ideal for activities using both coins and notes. Each dice 3cm cube.

Back To Basics Money and Percentages Years 3 and 4 Ages 8 to 10

Improve your child's skills with money and percentages. 20 fun units with explanations and answers. Removable game cards for fun games and practice. 2 tests to review progress

Learning With Stickers - First Money

Using money helps to make maths interesting and relevant to childrens lives. Children will learn to recognise coins, add them together and learn some of the basics of shopping – all fundamental maths skills.
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