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Chemistry Study Dictionary

Each entry has two parts; a concise dictionary definition and an expanded description which more fully explains each term or concept The dictionary has a selection of ‘commentary pages', specially written to explain more complex issues in context

The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary Sixth Edition

This is a thoroughly revised and updated new edition of Australia's best-selling dictionary. Extensive and versatile, this dictionary is firmly established as a favourite reference in schools, homes and offices. es.

Australian Students Oxford Dictionary 6th Edition

Oxford's school dictionaries and thesauruses have been compiled with the needs of Australian students in mind. Based on the research of the Australian National Dictionary Centre in Canberra, they contain up-to-date Australian English usage and meanings. Each title is also tailored to ensure that it provides the right amount of details for your students, whatever their age.

Australian Basic School Oxford Dictionary 3rd Edition

Containing over 20,000 headwords, this new edition has been completely revised and updated using the database of Australian English at the Australian National Dictionary Centre in Canberra. This new edition includes hundreds of new entries that reflect contemporary word creation. Compiled with the needs of students aged between 10 and 16 in mind, the Australian School Oxford Basic Dictionary is easy to use and features: *a simple respelling system used for pronunciation *clear definitions with Australian usage *interesting and useful derivations that shed light on meaning and help with recognition of word elements
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