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Im Starting School Activity Packs

The transition from pre-school to formal learning is a really big step in your child's life. You can help your child be "School Ready" and full of confidence for this most important stage. There's so much information that prep children need to take on board in their first six months of school - give your child the best head-start possible! We have put together six of our favourite products, specifically chosen to ensure your child's readiness for learning at school - from pre-literacy and pre-maths to pre handwriting - all in a sturdy, take anywhere mesh bag. Give your child the best head-start possible! Help them embark on their school life confidently and without fear.

Pre Literacy


Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a comprehensive learn to read program. It's divided into two levels - level one being suited to children just starting out, ages 4 - 6.

Little Learners Love Literacy


Pre Maths


Pre Handwriting


Books For Parents


First Games - Social Skills

Playing games promotes valuable social skills in young children, such as sharing, following rules and patiently taking turns.

Early Readers


Sight Words

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