My child is starting school next year!

How can I help them prepare for this?

The transition from pre-school to formal learning is a really big step in a child's life. There is so much change that small children have to cope with as they begin formal learning as Preps at school. From making new friends and being surrounded by bigger children all day, to adopting routines, following directions and completing tasks. It's a wonder that the job of formal learning even gets a look in!

Our Mission Statement:

We believe that your child deserves the best possible start to their school life.
We are working to ensure
that your child's transition from pre-school to formal learning is as smooth and stress free as possible.

We are passionate about children starting this daunting stage of life as fearlessly as possible.
We have developed a set of readiness packs that will consolidate your child's basic pre numeracy and pre literacy concepts as well as giving a basic understanding of the alphabet and a readiness to start formal hand writing.

These activity packs make an ideal Christmas present that will help any child be as prepared for preps as possible.

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