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The First Australian Dictionary

The most comprehensive and up to date lower-primary dictionary available in Australia, jam-packed with features to encourage confidence in Australian primary school students learning to use a dictionary for the first time.

Australian Integrated Primary School Dictionary Thesaurus

Since its release in mid 2005, The Australian Integrated Primary School Dictionary & Thesaurus has become one of the bestselling primary school dictionaries in Australia. Now reprinted with new cover artwork and a reduced size, this innovative reference tool will be even easier for students to use and learn from.

The Australian Primary Dictionary

The Australian Primary Dictionary clearly defines the words that children aged 10-12 are likely to encounter in their reading or want to use in their writing. Great care has been taken to include words from a range of subject areas, to provide help right across the curriculum.

The Australian Primary Thesaurus

The Australian Primary Thesaurus is an essential reference for children aged 10-12, as they build word knowledge skills to utilise in their writing.

Macmillan Australian Primary Dictionary

This outstanding dictionary has been developed for Australian students aged from 6 to 10 years. It contains Australian words and definitions not found in any other school dictionary.
(5 items) 1 page

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