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My Alphabet Scrapbook Vic Modern Cursive

A scrapbook with a page for each letter of the alphabet. You can paste pictures from catalogues or magazines, or draw things that start with that sound. A great way to practice writing each letter.

Alphabet Sounds Writing Scrapbook

The Alphabet Sounds and Writing Scrapbook is designed to assist Foundation Year students with letter recognition and related letter sounds. Ideal as a phonics practice book for students, exercises also develop handwriting skills with activities which employ official curriculum fonts.

Single Sounds Flashcards

Single Sounds, commonly known as the aplhabet are the first group of "sounds" that children need to learn when beginning to read.

Large Single Sounds Cards

A delightful set of 26 reading cards showing the correct phonetic representations for the 26 letters of the alphabet. Introduce one card at a time or create an attractive wall frieze! Each plastic- coated card measures 34.5cm x 14.3cm and is printed in Foundation Script.

Mix And Match The Alphabet

Select a card showing a letter of the alphabet... Say it's sound....find a picture card that is a match for this sound. If you are correct the two pieces will fit together exactly!

Silly Alphabet Frieze

The amusing illustrations of the Silly Alphabet Frieze are designed to encourage young children to say/sing the phrases used for each letter of the alphabet. The frieze comes in three sections and is certain to stimulate lots of discussion! Each measures 23cm x 100cm.

Excel English Early Skills Book 1 of 10 : Visual Skills Ages 3 - 4

Before children can learn to read, they need to develop certain visual skills.

Excel English Early Skills Book 2 of 10: Learning About Sequencing Ages 3 - 4

This book helps your child further develop the visual skills necessary to learn to read and write.

Excel English Early Skills Book 3 of 10 : Beginning Consonant Sounds Ages 3 - 4

Excel English Early Skills: Beginning Consonant Sounds aims to teach children the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, which is an important first step in putting sounds together to form words.
(9 items) 1 page

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