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Colourful Learning Sight Words

SIGHT WORDS level one includes the first 100 fundamental words a child needs to know by recognition, in order to read efficiently. These words have been determined scientifically to be the most recent high frequency words in the English language.

Colourful Learning Sight Words Level 2

Sight Words level two expands vocabulary and the ability to read and write efficiently.

My First Sight Words

Reading Eggs is a breakthrough in learning to read, with activity books, readers and now these all new My First activity books. Each of the My First books focuses on a key skill that children need to become good readers and writers. This book focuses on sight words with a clever range of educational activities that children will enjoy.

Magic Words Second 100 Resource Manual (101-200 words)

Revised and updated in 2012, this second edition of the Magic 200 Words Literacy Resource Manual features the most current list and activities for the 101-200 most frequently used words in English.

Magic Words 300 Parent Pack

Magic 300 Words Parent Pack features the 201-300 most frequent words. The Pack contains 200 Playing Cards (to be cut out from the sheets) and Game Instructions.

First 100 Sight Words Chart

A handy A4 size desk chart, usint the Oxford First 100 most used words list.
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