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The Best Activity Book Ever

Written by the teachers of Courtenay Gardens Primary School in Victoria, Australia, this book contains more than a hundred of their favourite classroom and outdoor activities.

Emergency - Inspirational Ideas for all Teachers

Inspirational ideas for all teachers doing crt work, especially those new to it. This book has professional advice on classroom management as well as blacklline masters for the main subject areas. We reccomend this book to all crts. Emergency! is a compendium of fun and practical ideas designed to help motivate teachers and their students. It offers activities and BLMs for a range of curriculum areas relevant for lower, middle and upper primary. Short, fun, tried and true teaching tips, and inspiration for teachers ranging from recent graduates to the highly experienced. In this revised edition, Emergency! retains the light-hearted feel and many of the winning activities and inspirational ideas that were central to the success of the first edition, whilst addressing more current educational issues such as the thinking curriculum, new technologies, new pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning and more.

A Flying Start for Beginning Teachers Book 1

Book 1 of 2 in the series. How you manage yourself and your class in your first few weeks as a qualified teacher will be a major factor in your success throughout the school year.

A Flying Start for Beginning Teachers Book 2

Book 2 of 2 in the series. How you manage yourself and your class in your first few weeks as a qualified teacher will be a major factor in your success throughout the school year.

Friendly Kids Friendly Classrooms

A book for every teacher! Here is the key to a happy classroom: Help your students learn social skills that will help them get along with their classmates. Create a positive and fun filled classroom where everyone can develop confidence and feel good about themselves.

Different Kids Same Classroom

Designed for teachers of mixed ability classes, this book presents a variety of strategies for including all children in lessons while still having their individual needs met. Sections cover building a supportive classroom, using co-operative learning, working on the same topic

Succeeding With Difficult Students

Turn your students' lives around and reduce your own stress! Practical techniques offered in this resource focus on building positive relationships with difficult students, and guiding those students toward more constructive behavior.

Defusing Distruptive Behavior In The Classroom

The goal of Colvin's work is teacher fluency in their first response to behavior. Every teacher needs to be equiped with the concepts in this book.

Everything I Need to Know About Teaching . . . They Forgot to Tell Me

Survive the first year of teaching and wind up happy, wiser and still sane! Can I teach the way I believe is best for my students? How can I get it all done? The worries, concerns and questions of first-year educators can be overwhelming and eventually lead to teachers leaving the profession. This candid look at the pressures and surprises of the first year of teaching provides the new teacher with guidance and advice that is full of encouragement, humor, and practical ideas, all based on real first-year experiences. This guidebook emphasizes the aspects of teaching that college professors don’t teach. Authors Stacey Jarvis and Bob Algozzine take a realistic approach to the unforeseen pitfalls that new teachers face, focusing on the major concerns of novice teachers
(9 items) 1 page

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