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Classic Yard Games

An Instruction Manual for Parents, Teachers and Children Young people are used to instant entertainment at the flick of a switch or the push of a button, so some children can find it difficult to entertain themselves without electronic assistance. Classic Yard Games can remedy this and help to make children self-starters.

Classic Indoor Games

An Instruction Manual for Parents, Teachers and Children It helps in the following areas: promoting motor skills, body coordination, hand-eye coordination, perception, intellectual flexibility, socialisation, teamwork and independence.

Don t Sit Get Fit

This invaluable teacher resource aims to contribute to the development of healthy, active lifestyles in students. Suitable for teachers of lower, middle and upper primary students, the book places emphasis on incorporating fitness into the daily school routine.

Phys Ed n Kids

Features: - ideal for the physical education teacher and classroom teacher - the text is designed for quick reference, enhanced by original and humorous drawings - includes a comprehensive range of activities and helpful notes for organising the school physical education program, including sports carnival
(4 items) 1 page

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