Living and Work Literacy Book 6 - Workplace and Communication Issues

Living and Work Literacy Book 6 Workplace & Communication Issues extends upon the work-related topics introduced in book 5. Throughout these topics the students will explore the world of work, with special emphasis on the transition from school to work. Throughout these topics, students will explore general issues such as the nature and pattern of employment in Australia, types of management structures and the role of trade unions in the workplace. They will also focus on skills development, especially developing effective communication skills, and discover practical suggestions for dealing with issues like workplace harassment, bullying and unfair dismissal.

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Workplace & Communication Issues includes the following topics:

Employment in Australia
Unions-history and common issues
Dealing with difficult workmates
Casual employment pitfalls
Keeping the CV up to date
Interview skills within the workplace
Work in the future
Workplace behaviours
Skills required for specific jobs
Adapting to work environments: etiquette
Adapting to work environments: cultural issues
Communication skills in the workplace
Types of management structures
Unfair and fair dismissal
Occupational health and safety scenarios
Current workplace issues
Technology and communication
Learning at work
Resignation strategies: Knowing when to leave
Life-long learning and pathways

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