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  • Living and Work Literacy Book 3 - Small Enterprise Management

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    The photocopiable activities in this book explore the nature of small enterprises. The topics provide a sound overview of how a small enterprise is managed, and will be suitable for students who are considering a future in small business, as well as those who are exploring various employment options. As they complete these activities, students will discover the different types of businesses and how they work. They will also be introduced to essential business elements such as advertising, risk management and taxation. Concepts are explored through a range of challenging short answer, class discussion and research activities. The use of case studies and scenarios provide real-life learning situations which students will be able to apply to their own business planning. Topics contained in this book are suitable for secondary school subjects in years 7–10 that teach young people about practical life skills. Other books in the Living and Work Literacy series cover topics such as money and being a wise consumer, government and law, and work skills. New titles: From School to Work book 5 and Workplace and Communication Issues book 6 are available now


  • Product details

  • Topics include:

    - Qualities of a good business person

    - Business organisations

    - Company profiles

    - Buying a business

    - Establishing a new business

    - Buying a franchise

    - Business plans

    - Political parties

    - Marketing and promotion

    - Voting systems

    - Resolving disputes

    - Marketing and promotion

    - Advertising

    - Risk Management

    - Business on the internet

    - Managing finances

    - Taxation and GST.

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