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  • Maths Skills for Living

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    Maths Skills for Living and Maths Skills for Working are photocopiable teacher resource books designed to help develop essential numeracy skills in students with special learning needs. Both books are intended for students aged 14 to 16, an age when such students may soon be entering the workforce and may also be living independently.

    The main purpose of the units is to develop essential numeracy skills, but students will also acquire a better understanding and knowledge of practical living and working skills, such as planning household tasks, nutrition, conversation skills, body language, assertive behaviour, personal safety, days and dates, budgeting and arranging social events. (more)

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  • Maths Skills for Living Contents


    Personal skills

    Household skills

    Time skills

    Money skills

    Apply your skills

    Numeracy general skills assessment

    Resources and templates

    Crosswords and wordfinds


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