Teach Your Children Tables Speed Maths for Kids

Give your children an edge in the classroom with a bind up edition of these two best selling titles!

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Used together, Teach Your Children Tables and Speed Maths For Kids will improve your children's understanding of maths and introduce them to strategies that will have them performing like geniuses! Schools the world over use Handley's innovative 'speed maths' approach in the classroom, and with these two classic books at their disposal, your kids will: be able to perform lightning-quick calculations in their heads; master the 'times tables' in less than half an hour; learn the basic principles of maths; have fun playing with numbers!

Including notes for parents and teachers throughout, suggestions for effective lessons, and modified explanations of addition and multiplication for very young children with no prior understanding of the concepts, this special edition of Teach Your Children Tables / Speed Maths for Kids will fast make maths your kid's favourite subject, and give him or her the confidence to tackle maths class without a calculator!

About the Author

Popular Australian author and inspirational teacher Bill Handley has developed and refined methods of teaching maths that have achieved amazing results, as seen on television's A Current Affair. His bestselling book Speed Mathematics showed everyone that people who excel at maths use better strategies - they're not necessarily more intelligent.

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