Write Ways - Modelling Writing Forms 5th Edn

A practical, easy to read text on how to teach writing. Write Ways is a practical, user-friendly text for pre-service and practising teachers. It explains how to teach students to write in all the major text types—not only in English, but across the curriculum—and provides clear, useful examples of classroom practice, planning and assessment.

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This book offers a balance of theory and practice, aiming to broaden understanding of text and literature. It encourages students to create and respond to a range of texts, as well as using literature to inspire students to develop as thoughtful, competent and engaged writers. New to this EditionUpdated to include Australian Curriculum topic names and current assessment practicesAn increased focus on grammar multiliteracies, literacy practices and teaching focuses at whole text, paragraph, clause, sentence, word group and word levelAction boxes help students apply the knowledge they have learntConsider and Connect questions prompt students to reflect on related topics and how they connect with their knowledge of writingIncludes examples of how to use Project Based Learning allowing students to find more meaning in their writing as they are writing authentic texts for real-life purposes.

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