Blakes Spelling Games Disk 4 ages 9-10 For PC and Mac

Blake’s Spelling Games Disk 4 contains 10 spelling games written for 9–10 year olds. Each game has 5 levels (A–E) which increase in difficulty. Written by an experienced educator 'Del Merrick' the games offer hours of fun-filled practice. This price includes a a single user home licence only.

Product details

Blake’s Spelling Games will improve children’s ability to:
• Understand the alphabet and write words accurately.
• Learn spelling rules and spot mistakes.
• Add correct word endings, and much more …

The games all include Notes for Parents with detailed information about each game’s spelling focus.

Minimum hardware specifications:
Windows Intel® Pentium® III 1.5GHz or faster processor (or equivalent), 1GB of RAM
Macintosh PowerPC® G4 1.8GHZ or faster processor, Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor, 1GB of RAM
© Copyright Blake Education 2010
This software is licensed for your personal, recreational and non-commercial use. The booklet, and software are copyright with all rights reserved.
You may not otherwise copy, print, store or transmit any part of this CD-ROM unless you have written permission from the publisher or a copyright exception applies under the Copyright Act, 1968.

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