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  • 50 Spelling Activities 9-12 Year Olds

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    Product summary

    This book contains a variety of activities which can be used with any spelling list—be it from a textbook or a spelling journal.


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  • Features:

    the activities are designed to provide opportunities for children to practise their words, look at them and use them in a variety of ways to develop understanding and recall;

    the activities can be copied onto coloured or plain card and laminated for protection;

    they can be placed in a central location for students to access during planned spelling sessions or whenever they wish;

    the benefit of this system is that students can, to some extent, choose the activities they wish to use to develop their understanding of their spelling list;

    the book also contains a Spelling Activity Checklist for students to record which activities they have used to consolidate each spelling list; and

    a Have-a-Go blackline master is also provided to encourage students to attempt to spell unfamiliar words before seeking help, thus encouraging a more independent style of learning.

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