Basic Reading Skills Years 5 - 6

In today's world, most children probably read less than their parents or grandparents did at the same age. Distractions such as television and video games take up many hours that could be spent reading. To excel in reading requires plenty of practice. The Excel Basic Skills: Basic Reading Skills series is a three-book set of workbooks for Years 1-6 which aims to give primary school children this important practice in reading and understanding using a variety of accessible texts.

Product details

Each varied one-page exercise should not take more than about 15minutes. Each set of questions will help children communicate their understanding and gain confidence in reading. Most pages have questions that require one-word answers. These words are found in the text or on the page. This ensures that a child must concentrate hard and read every word.

In Excel Basic Reading Skills Years 5-6, the activities cover a wide range of reading skills such as:
- Basic comprehension of a text
- Predicting words in a story
- Recognising different 'voices' in a text
- Finding words that are wrong
- Sorting different kinds of words
- Fun activities such as anagram puzzles and simple crosswords are also included.

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