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  • Running Records for Classroom Teachers

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    Only when Running Records are used in standard ways with standard recording and scoring procedures will they provide a reliable and valid assessment of text reading.

    Classroom teachers use Running Records from time to time:

    to record what progress children are making

    to compare and group children

    to check how well texts are matched to the child's need for challenge.


  • Product details

  • Running Records were developed by Marie Clay for a longitudinal research study of children's reading. These Running Records have been found to be good text reading assessments in many research studies. They provide different information from that obtained from tests of letters, sounds and words in isolation.

    Running Records for Classroom Teachers introduces key ideas about using Running Records and shows how to take, score and interpret reliable records. Teachers have two options for scoring the record. For quick appraisal the teacher can rely on counting errors and self-corrections and recording the accuracy of the reading. A second analysis of how the reader is working on text allows teachers to monitor changes in the ways children problem-solve on text.

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