Literacy Lessons: Designed for Individuals - Part One

Description Literacy Lessons: Designed for Individuals is a two-volume resource. Part One: Why? When? and How? focuses on the theory surrounding successful Reading Recovery programs, and how individual lessons for young children at risk can be highly successful.

Product details

Literacy Lessons: Designed for Individuals features:

the latest theory and research that has influenced contemporary teaching procedures
analysis of implementations in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom including diverse cultural perspectives from English, Spanish and French classrooms
an emphasis on oral language and teacher-child conversations
exploration of phonemic awareness, knowledge of spelling, phrasing, fluency, speed of response and appropriate eye movements for written language
a wide selection of new reading materials.
This innovative teacher resource will expand the range of children who can be helped, increase teacher effectiveness and generate new research questions about effective reading and writing in the early years of school.

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