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    This collection of readings is about all children and the early years of schooling. It brings together for educators and classroom teachers significant new, previously unpublished articles (Chapters 4, 10, and 14) as well as several of Dr. Clay's seminal papers. Here she reiterates for new teachers many of the concerns that lie at the heart of her work with young children - the sensitive observation of the constructive child, the challenges of early encounters with how we put language down in print (Concepts About Print), introducing storybooks to children, and how we can better adapt to diversity in our classrooms. Other emphases that emerge in her new articles call for changes in how teachers think about three things: literacy awareness as it develops before and after the transition to school, the power of writing for all children in early literacy encounters, and conversation as a tool for vastly improving teaching interactions.

    Marie Clay focuses on many reciprocal connections - how one kind of learning supports another - between oral language and reading, between writing and reading, between theory and practice. She believes that practice informs theory and theory informs practice in a circular and continuing set of relationships. Teachers who want to go beyond their present practice must get into the writings of those who challenge their expectations on how best to meet the needs of their very diverse children.

    Each chapter in this collection - from the glimpses of some fascinating children to some strong challenges to basic assumptions about literacy teaching - could provide a centerpiece for a workshop, the background reading for several group discussions, or an opportunity for practicing teachers to bring their experience face to face with a text that challenges.


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    Foreword by Margaret Mooney

    Part One: Children Come to School by Different Paths

    Children's Language

    Conversation as One Model of Teaching Interactions

    Tomai, the Storyteller

    Literacy Awareness: From Acts to Awareness

    Developmental Learning Puzzles Me

    A Fable

    Part Two: Understanding What Children Know

    Looking and Seeing in the Classroom

    Using the Concepts About Print Task with School Entrants

    Concepts About Print in English and Other Languages

    The Power of Writing in Early Literacy

    Fostering Independence in Writing

    Introducing Storybooks to Young Readers

    Constructive Processes: Reading, Writing, Talking, Art, and Crafts

    Part Three: The Challenge of Helping All Children to Become Literate

    The Challenge of Literacy Improvement

    Ashok's Story from India

    Accommodating Diversity in Early Literacy Learning

    Child Development and Literacy Learning/References.

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