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  • Biks and Gutches New Edition

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    Innovative teacher resources by Marie M. Clay.

    Biks and Gutches: Learning to Inflect English


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  • Biks and Gutches is an easy-to-administer-and-score task. It looks too simple to be very useful but with it we can easily predict which young children need extra help with learning English. Giving this assessment to individual children will help the teacher to become a better judge of a how a child's oral language is changing.

    The items can be used to evaluate whether a new teaching programme is having any effect. Change can be captured over two points of time.

    If the school has introduced some new or special instruction, Biks and Gutches can be used to evaluate its effectiveness. Results could point to the rate and kind of change that has occurred as a result of special attention.

    For children who speak a dialect of English, the test can answer questions like this. Has the children's control over the rules for inflections of the standard dialect increased?

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