New Wave Pre-writing Patterns

Throughout the early years, children are encouraged to participate in a range of fine-motor activities that develop manipulative skills, a dominant hand and the ability to use both hands together.

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New Wave Pre-writing Patterns aids the smooth transition to writing alphabet letters. Written by occupational therapists, this simple activity book presents a systematic and fun approach for teaching the foundation skills that are essential for children to learn the pre-writing patterns used to make pictures and then combined to make letters and numbers.
New Wave Pre-writing Patterns workbook introduces each new pattern in three steps:
Step 1
Learn the new pattern as a big body movement. At this initial stage it is essential that the oral prompting clues are also established.
Step 2
Use art activities to practise the new movement, in big and small ways, to form a memory for making pre-writing patterns.
Step 3
Consolidate the new movement and pattern through pre-writing pattern activity sheets.

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