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  • The English Workbook - developing literacy Teachers Resource Books- Book 3 10yrs plus

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    Product summary

    The English workbook is a series of five student workbooks, each supported by a separate teacher resource book. The workbooks, designed to improve and develop students’ literacy skills, consist of ten units of work, each focused on one of the following writing formats: procedures, recounts, expositions, narratives and reports.


  • Product details

  • Each unit includes:

    student analysis of writing form; speaking and listening; group and individual activities; literal, inferential, and applied comprehension questions; vocabulary development and extension; spelling strategies and rules practice

    specific language features of the particular text, such as proper nouns, imperative verbs and punctuation, clearly and concisely explained with practice exercises

    writing activities focussed on specific writing skills related to the particular genre.Writing topics are set with planning proformas and editing and proofreading checklists. Student evaluation is included.


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