Blakes Science Guide for Primary Students

Written for the new Australian curriculum, Blake’s Science Guide is a vital reference for primary school students in Years 3-6 who want a basic understanding of the recently released Australian Science Curriculum.

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The book is divided into three curriculum strands:

1 Science Inquiry Skills – covers how to evaluate and investigate ideas and claims by developing evidence-based conclusions.

2 Science Understanding – covers key content in the four major science strands:
• Biological Sciences
• Chemical Sciences
• Earth and Space sciences
• Physical Sciences

3 Science as a Human Endeavour – explores the nature and development of science and scientists as well as the use and influence of science.

Each topic contains simple descriptions of concepts with examples and TRY THIS activities for students to test their understanding.

The book includes curriculum correlation charts, an index, glossary and answers for all of the TRY THIS activities.

The Guide also includes Curriculum Correlation tables that link the content to the new Australian Curriculum and is an ideal resource for all primary students.

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