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  • Targeting - Handwriting VIC Year 2 Student Book

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    Product summary

    The emphasis on the Year 2 program is on reducing students' reliance on scaffolding and providing them with increased opportunities to take responsibility for producing handwriting of a consistent size, shape, spacing and slope. (more)

  • Product details

  • To achieve this, the Year 2 books focus on:

    - Patterning

    - Practice of the focus letter within words in sentences, or within clusters of words which have a similar phonic pattern, or are often found in Year 2 spelling lists, or are linked by theme

    - Tracing and copying sentences and words commonly found in Year 2 spelling lists.

    - Practice of numerals, number words and punctuation

    - Number words and punctuation integrated into sentences.

    - More emphasis on practice

    - Handwriting activities include puzzles, sorting activities, poems and rhymes

    - Self assessment exercises

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