Everything I Need to Know About Teaching . . . They Forgot to Tell Me

Survive the first year of teaching and wind up happy, wiser and still sane! Can I teach the way I believe is best for my students? How can I get it all done? The worries, concerns and questions of first-year educators can be overwhelming and eventually lead to teachers leaving the profession. This candid look at the pressures and surprises of the first year of teaching provides the new teacher with guidance and advice that is full of encouragement, humor, and practical ideas, all based on real first-year experiences. This guidebook emphasizes the aspects of teaching that college professors don’t teach. Authors Stacey Jarvis and Bob Algozzine take a realistic approach to the unforeseen pitfalls that new teachers face, focusing on the major concerns of novice teachers

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Controlling workload, managing time, and overcoming fatigue
Forming strong relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
Maintaining autonomy and control of teaching styles and methods
The light at the end of those long, tough, first 180 days shines brightly when you have the tools necessary to survive!

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