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  • English Workbook Year 5

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    Excel Basic Skills: English Workbook Year 5 will help you with the writing you do every day at school - in English and in other subjects.Each chapter looks at a different type of writing. Some are imaginative text types such as narratives and poems.Others are factual text types such as reports and explanations. All the chapters begin with a sample text. Make sure you read the sample text carefully and look at the special features marked on it.


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  • You should then try the activities that follow.These give you guidance and practice in writing a similar type of text.Some activities help you with grammar and punctuation. Others focus on words - the way they are spelt and what they mean. Some activities are just for fun. Each chapter ends with activities that help you write a complete text yourself.

    The Excel series of English Workbooks for Years 3–6 will help primary school students with the reading and writing they do every day at school — in English and in other subjects. Each chapter is set out as a separate unit of work covering a different type of writing (‘text type’) and contains exercises that relate to that particular text type.

    In this book you will find:

    - Eleven chapters, each set out as a unit of work covering a particular text type (such as narratives, letters, speeches and information reports), including a chapter on writing for school projects

    - Exercises and activities in each chapter which are directly linked to the text type covered

    - Practice in skills such as spelling, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and comprehension

    - Interesting and relevant sample texts, including many written by Year 3 students, with important features highlighted

    - Answers to all questions at the back of the book.

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