English Workbook Year 3

Excel Basic Skills: English Workbooks Year 3 will help primary school students with the reading and writing they do every day at school in English and other subjects. Each chapter is set out as a separate unit of work covering a different type of writing and contains exercises that relate to that particular text type.

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When you work in this book you will be practising writing many of the texts you learn at school. Most of the sample texts have been written by students in Year 3. Work through the chapters from 1 to 11 in order. By doing this you will build on skills and understanding from one chapter to the next. By the end of the book you will have a good understanding of Year 3 English.

In this book you will find:
- Eleven chapters, each set out as a unit of work covering a particular text type (such as narratives, letters, speeches and information reports), including a chapter on writing for school projects
- Exercises and activities in each chapter which are directly linked to the text type covered
- Practice in skills such as spelling, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and comprehension
- Interesting and relevant sample texts, including many written by Year 3 students, with important features highlighted
- Answers to all questions at the back of the book.

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