Building Your Vocabulary Skills Years 3 - 4

The Building Your Vocabulary Skills series is a three book set of workbooks to help children increase their vocabulary and become more confident in using new words correctly. Each book is divided into single-page activities with each page using a different strategy or theme to help your child learn new words.

Product details

This is the first of three books in the series and contains:
- Over 60 pages of vocabulary exercises to help your child learn new words
- Easy-to-follow tasks
- A wide range of activities covering different skills
- Practise in matching words to definitions, finding synonyms and antonyms and sorting words into groups
- A lift-out answer section.

This series of books are designed to help your child at home, which will in turn improve their confidence in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension exercises at school. It would be useful for children to have a quality dictionary at hand when doing these exercises. This can avoid guesswork if they are unsure of an answer.

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