Fairy Snap

Playing games promotes valuable social skills in young children, such as sharing, following rules and patiently taking turns. Animal Snap is a game for two or more players. There are 52 cards (13 matching sets of 4) in this box. The aim is to win all the cards.

Product details

Snap is an easy to play game to help develop visual discrimination skills and other important social skills - now try it as a fabulous pre-reading skills builder. Use the cards to play "Memory".
Start by pulling out 3 matching pairs of cards. Show them to your child and explain that you are going to turn the cards upside down and that they are to try to remember where the pictures are. Place the cards upside down on a table, ask your child to turn over one card, then turn over another card - Is it a match? If yes, keep the pair, if no, turn them both back over and try again.
As your child gets better at doing this, add more pairs of cards. Reading involves remembering and this game is great for learning to remember.

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