Start Up Maths - Year 4 Excel Basic Skills

The Excel series of Start Up Maths for Years 3 to7 have been specifically designed to be used as classroom or homework books in order to assist students, teachers and parents with their understanding of mathematics.

Product details

Each book in the series covers the years work in detail. Innovative features provide an integrated and supportive approach to learning. All units of work, review tests and Start Up sections are interrelated and cross-referenced to each other.

Contents include: - Numbers
- Comparing and Rounding Numbers
- Addition and Subtraction
- Multiplication, Factors and Multiples
- Division
- Averages
- Number Patterns and Estimation
- Number Lines
- Powers and Calculator Use
- Equations and Inequations
- Operations and Number Patterns
- Equations and Numbers
- Change of Units
- Prime and Composite Numbers
- Negative Numbers
- Fractions
- Decimals
- Percentages
- Money - Symmetry
- Lines and Angles
- Shapes, Angles and Circles
- 3D Objects
- Congruent and Similar Shapes
- Scale Drawing
- Position and Maps
- Time and Speed
- Length
- Perimeter and Circles
- Area
- Mass
- Capacity and Volume
- Measurement Conversion
- Chance
- Tables and Graphs
- Mean, Median and Mode
- Problem Solving
- Revision

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