Maths Book 6: Second Shapes and Measurement Ages 4 - 5

Excel Maths Early Skills; Second Shapes and Measurement will further your child's knowledge of a range of different shapes and give them practice in measuring shapes and pictures in different ways. Book 3 in this series, First Shapes and Measurement, introduced your child to these concepts, but this book will develop your child’s skills in: - Comparing two or more objects by different features - Drawing a range of different shapes and objects - Drawing positions (e.g. ‘on top’, ‘in’, ‘under’) - Putting events into the correct order - Finding paths through mazes.

Product details

The activities in each book are divided into double pages. Each double page allows your child to practise one particular skills many times so that the skill is reinforced. This also makes it easier for you, the parent - you can help your child with one skill at a time. A clear, easy-to-follow page design has been developed, with clear explanations to help both parents and children.

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