Excel English Early Skills Book 6 of 10 : Beginning, Ending and Vowel Sounds Ages 4 - 5

In English Books 3, 4 and 5 in this series, children learn about the beginning sounds, ending sounds and vowel sounds of words in detail. Excel English Early Skills: Beginning, Ending and Vowel Sounds consolidates and revises your child’s knowledge in these areas.

Product details

In the book, your child will:
- Understand further the relationship between letters and their sounds
- Practise writing letters to match sounds
- Identify sounds at the beginning, middle and ending of words.

Learning these skills is essential for children to later develop their abilities in reading and comprehension. The activities in each book are divided into double pages. Each double page allows your child to practise one particular skill many times so that the skill is reinforced. A clear, easy-to-follow page design has been developed, with clear explanations to help both parents and children.

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