Mathematics Ages 4 - 8

This book provides students of different abilities opportunities to practise, consolidate and deepen their understanding of concepts and skills in key mathematics areas such as: space and shape measurement number patterns

Product details

The activities are hands-on, interesting and student centred, allowing each student to work at his or her own level. An extension activity is provided with each activity station catering for more capable students.
The learning centres are designed to be used by small groups independent of the teacher, allowing the teacher to focus on small groups or individuals, and assess learning.

Features include:

activities to consolidate learning in major maths and literacy areas
written specifically for K-3 students
activities designed to support inclusive teaching
teacher information pages corresponding to each learning centre stating required materials, vocabulary, thematic ideas and skills
curriculum links, display ideas and suggestions for integration across the curriculum for each learning centre
activities structured to allow for re-use
sample timetables
centres designed for independent small group work
student-centred activities allowing students to construct knowledge themselves

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