Targeting Comprehension 6

New from Pascal Press - The Targeting Comprehension activity books teach students how to read between the lines for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

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Each book contains activities for Literal and Inferential comprehension. Literal comprehension is simply what the text says whereas Inferential comprehension interprets ideas, intent or information in explicit text to make assumptions.
The activities in this series are intended to teach students how to hypothesise and conclude using their personal experience and intuition. In other words—how to read between the lines.

Each of the following elements of comprehension are explained in separate sections and use three sample text types. These are; informative, imaginative and persuasive.

Literal—understanding information and facts directly stated in the text
Inferring—making assumptions based on context
Predicting—extrapolating where aspects of a text may lead
Analysing—interpreting the unstated notions behind what is written
Making connections—finding links between two elements of a text
Critical reflection—drawing on own experience and knowledge to gain insight into characters
Also included is an assessment section for each of the six comprehension elements and removable answers.

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