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  • Reading Between The Lines Book 1

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    Product summary

    The third series of the bestselling Reading Between the Lines series contains a broad and varied range of text types including poems, short stories, recipes, postcards, emails, news reports, invitations, instructions for craft activities, maps and tourist brochures to stimulate students.


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  • Features

    •Completely revised Dictionary units now including extracts from current Oxford Primary dictionaries

    •New exercises and activities (including crosswords, questions and puzzles) are included to support these Oxford dictionary extracts

    •The series helps students to be able to follow instructions, interpret mathematics and science tasks, use telephone and street directories, order from catalogues, read recipes and timetables, read labels on packages, and understand the endless variety of printed materials encountered in day-to-day life

    •Each text type is supported by engaging activities

    •The new edition contains all of the strengths of the previous edition, and follows the same formula that has made this series a success for so many years, with the inclusion of up-to-date content, a modern look and new activities


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