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  • Emergency - Inspirational Ideas for all Teachers

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    Product summary

    Inspirational ideas for all teachers doing crt work, especially those new to it. This book has professional advice on classroom management as well as blacklline masters for the main subject areas.

    We reccomend this book to all crts.

    Emergency! is a compendium of fun and practical ideas designed to help motivate teachers and their students.

    It offers activities and BLMs for a range of curriculum areas relevant for lower, middle and upper primary. Short, fun, tried and true teaching tips, and inspiration for teachers ranging from recent graduates to the highly experienced.

    In this revised edition, Emergency! retains the light-hearted feel and many of the winning activities and inspirational ideas that were central to the success of the first edition, whilst addressing more current educational issues such as the thinking curriculum, new technologies, new pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning and more.


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  • Features and benefits

    Simple, practical, fun book with ideas, strategies and tools that are easy to implement to support day-to-day teaching practice

    Practical - offers BLMs according to level (Lower, Middle, Upper) with links to integrated curriculum

    A new Routines and Rituals section offers trade secrets to setting up a stimulating classroom, retaining student attention and generally making the teacher’s life easier

    Employs a light-hearted approach. Doesn’t patronise teachers, rather engages them, and offers peer advice

    Helps to keep teaching fun at the same time as offering ways to achieve the serious outcomes and goals that teachers feel more weighed down with than they did at the time of the 1st edition release.

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