A Plus Practice Exam 1 VCE Further Maths Units 3 and 4, 5th Ed

A+ Further Mathematics Exam 1 VCE Units 3 & 4 provides a comprehensive practice exam book for VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 & 4.

Product details

The Exam 1 book has 12 exams and the text is divided into tests that gradually increase in length, content and difficulty. No teacher or student preparation is required – students can write directly into the books and bonus detachable exams are also included.

*The A+ cover shown includes updated branding and may be different to the book available for purchase.

Comprehensive – Further Exam 1 includes 12 practice examinations representing many, many hours of quality preparation

Core and all 6 modules – includes not only the Core but all 6 Modules including the new Matrices Module

Bonus detachable exam included – produced on perforated paper, it allows for easy tear-out and can be used as a formal assessment task

Separate solutions CD so teachers can control access

The solutions CD provides comprehensive and detailed solutions for each examinable Area of Study.

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