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Get Ready For School

How can I help my child get ready for school?

The transition from pre-school to formal learning is a really big step in a child's life. There is so much change that small children have to cope with as they begin formal learning as Preps at school. From making new friends and being surrounded by bigger children all day, to adopting routines, following directions and completing tasks. It's a wonder that the job of formal learning even gets a look in!

The Get Ready For School Pack Mission Statement:

To ensure that every child's transition from pre-school to formal learning is as smooth and stress free as possible.

We are passionate about children starting this daunting stage of life as fearlessly as possible.
We believe that the readiness pack we have compiled will ensure that each child who completes it will start school with basic pre numeracy and pre literacy concepts as well as a basic understanding of the alphabet and a readiness to start formal hand writing.

The pack is an ideal warm up for school. It is a great Christmas holiday activity that will help any child be as school ready as possible.

Have a look at our wonderful "Get Ready For School Pack"

We have put together six of our favourite products, specifically chosen to ensure your child's readiness for learning at school - from
pre-literacy and pre-maths to pre handwriting - all in a sturdy, take anywhere mesh bag. $54.95 plus post

Give your child the best head-start possible with our range of specialised products. Help them embark on their school life confidently and without fear.

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