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  • Solving Real-Life Stuff with Maths for Years 7 - 10, Book 2

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    The Solving Real-Life Stuff with Maths titles go beyond abstract theory and help students in years 7—10 to understand the practical application of the mathematical concepts they learn from text books.


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  • Each book contains an array of challenging, hands-on activities and high-interest topics (such as sport and bungee-jumping Barbie dolls!) that will motivate and engage even the most reluctant learner in your classroom and foster an active-learning environment. Most units have a link to general science concepts, making them an ideal cross-curriculum resource.

    Students are encouraged to work together and to use technological materials and computer programs such as Excel to complete tasks.

    - Bubblegum Blowouts A — Measurement of weight, volume and length.

    - Bubble Gum Blow Outs— Measurement of volume.

    - Bouncing Balls Length, number (square roots).

    - Container Cubbies - Surface area, drawing three-dimensional shapes.

    - Easter Eggs - Measurement, graphs, fractions, decimals and percentage.

    - Happy Numbers - Number (addition, square numbers).

    - Jelly Babies - Measuring weight, statistics.

    - Streetscapes - Linear graphs and equations.

    - Ramps - Ratio, slopes.

    - How Good is a Stubby Holder - Measuring temperature, graphs, formula.

    - The Dud Decathalon - Statistics, measurement if the activity is performed.

    - Tree Canopies - True bearings, polar graphs, measuring angles and length.

    - Grand Final Reunion - Quadratic graphs and equations.

    - The Leaning Tower of Poser - Ration, measuring length and angles, linear graphs.

    - The Power of People - Measuring of angles, geometric construction.

    - Soapy Solutions - Ratio, measuring capacity, linear graphs and equations.

    - Bungee Jumping - Linear graphs, measuring length, linear formula.

    - Growth and Form - Coordinates.

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