Homework Contracts Book 5

Homework Contracts Third Edition provides a relevant and comprehensive homework program for all primary students, with a fresh, full-colour design. This series of seven homework books is designed to reflect and reinforce the concepts taught at school at each year level. Each book offers a sequence of two-page units with a major focus on English and Mathematics, as well as regular activities in other key learning areas such as Society and Environment, Science and Technology, and Health and Physical Education. The series gives students the opportunity to consolidate and broaden their learning through a variety of activities, while the broad range of topics and highly illustrated format help to maintain interest.

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Key features:

Homework Contracts Third Edition includes:
- self contained double page homework units
- a broad range of content across key learning areas
- raelevant and varied activities
- an attractive full colour design and illustrations
- reading and writin gtasks that explore a range of text types
- sound charts and 1 - 100 number charts for the first two books in the series
- spelling lists for each unit in Books 2 to 6, to reinforce specific spelling concepts
- mathematics activities that cover concepts and draw on material from Number, Patterns and Algebra, Space, Measurement, and Chance and Data
- a removable answers section in each book, so that teachers can correct students' work or have students correct their own

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